I was not sure what to call this section?

I will be placing information, projects, specifications and inventory for sale under this section. All will be focused on high tech motion and electronics. Including CNC, robotics and other motion type devices.

I could have called this section Robotics, but that did not seem correct seeing there will be articles on CNC, 3D parts builders and other high tech motion controlled items.

Most of what will be found here will be for the home hobbyist (geek).

Where to find stepper motors and specs on the motors found in different printers, scanners, copiers and …


I just recycled (tore a part!) a Epson laser printer it had a KH42JM2 uni-polar stepper motor in it. I found a pdf with spec’s newer models, but most of whats there usable for this motor. So I place the pdf to download up here for others looking for this information.

So I hope what I am starting will be of interest and of use to others. At the very least it give me a place to keep track of my stuff.

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