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The first was host your site, if you want any one on the internet to see what you are creating you will need to have you web pages that you create hosted  on a computer system that have a direct connection to the internet, preferably full time. You could host your website on your own computer system at you home or business. But there are a couple issues with that. If the computer you are using gets turned off or stops working your website can no longer be seen by anyone. Also most IPS (Internet Service Providers) doing like people running web servers on the same internet connection that they provide for you to surf the net. Some do not mind but most do. Most will gladly host your site for you, but it normally costs way more than it should or needs to, that’s not there main business.

There are a lot of good web hosting companies out there and a lot of bad, Unfortunately it seem like the bad one’s have better marketing people and the really, really good ones are very expensive and you need to have your own IT department to run your website. There however some very good web hosting providers out there ready to help you.

Some points to keep in mind when you are looking for your web hosting provider.

Don’t try and find the cheapest company you can, in order to provide there service at low cost they have to give up something, most of the time it’s over selling their hard drive space, their bandwidth and or both. They will not have support or very limited. Also a lot of the time these providers are not the company that really does the hosting. They are just resellers who buy space from some one else and resells it. So when you need help they have to work with who get their space from and relay the information back, this means down time for your website.

Try to find a provider that is a tier 1 provider, also one that have been around for a number of years (5+), they are most likely not going anywhere soon.

Sorry Microsoft but try not to use a provider that only has Windows web servers. Don’t get me wrong I like Internet Information Servers. I ran for a number of years server farms of Windows servers running IIS. But the best, for most people and most in expensive servers are running Linux.

The cost for good web hosting starts at around only $10 per month.

I am not going to tell you to go to a given web hosting provider. I am not going to try and get you to use my reseller company btfip.com. I have a few clients that wanted to deal directly with me and let me handle their websites, that’s the only reason I am a reseller. The list I am providing below are some of the better providers I have found to be good and they rate very high on most of the web hosting review websites.

 HostForWeb.com – I use this one and yes I do make some money if you use this link. http://hostforweb.com/

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