Now What

Ok, you have created your mission statement, you’ve done your planning and you now know what you want the world to see. Now you need to think about where or who you want to host your site, do you need a domain name for your site. Can you use a site builder that a lot of the web hosting companies have for you to use when you rent space with them. Are you going to need a CMS (Content Management System) for your website? Are you going to learn how to create your own HTML, ASP, XML, php, Flash or other type of web pages? This is where you can get very frustrated and give up. I’ll try to break these down so you get a better understand of each to aid you in your staking your claim on the part of the internet.


In the last paragraph I may have said some words that sound very foreign to some. I will try and teach you a new language before we are done!

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